Quality Boarding Facilty Close to HOME.
Quality Boarding Facilty Close to HOME. 

About Us

For Rick and Janet Winfield, horses are a family affair.  They have been in the horse industry since 2001 when their daughter's love of horse's became a business.  The Double U Ranch has been around since the summer of 2005. The Double U Ranch mission statement is for every horse and owner to be treated equally and that the horse receive proper nutrition and care. Rick has also started his own business of baling quality hay for horses at the ranch and others who require quality hay. 

Meet the Team

 Rick Winfield


Rick has a natural talent for calming horses.  His keen sense of noticing when a horse is not feeling well has been able to catch many instances when a horse is calicing; therefore, saving many vet trips to the barn.  Rick loves to talk horses and hay, so feel free to stop by and just listen.

Janet Winfield 


Janet enjoys feeding and talking to the horses.  She has special names for some of them, like Fuzzy Bear Smokey, Smartest Horse on the Ranch Dollar, Grumpy Celtic, Precious Zip, Anxious Duke, Bart the Fart (Bartleby coughs and farts at the same time). 

Where to Find Us:

Double U Ranch, LLC
10242 S. Elwood

P. O. Box  1142
Jenks, OK 74037

Phone: 918 640-3328

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